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“I go for my routine dentist checkups and always get compliments on how straight my teeth are. I had my braces done 15 years ago!” - Jeff Lee
     "Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness.  Your hardwork, dedication, and passion for your practice is an example for those who interact with the two of you.  You both are a great team and work SO hard. " - Annalisa 



"Dr. Sy is the greatest orthodontist you can find out there! Every checkup is a blast for me because of his unfunny jokes and realistic fake smile. Just kidding he rarely smiles until he straightens your teeth out. The high sanitation standards of Dr. Sy's office will make your mom seem dirty. I've had braces three times and would not mind going for the fourth! Definitely recommend!!"  - Jesse
"I'm very satisfied with my orthodontic treatment. Dr. Sy is very helpful and thoughtful with everyone of his patients.  He makes sure that you have no problem with your teeth at every checkup.  Dr. Sy gave me the confidence to show others my beautiful smile."     - Stephanie
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